tree service near me in reno

That’s the question that many home and property owners should be asking before they start planting, pruning or cutting down trees. The result is often self-inflicted property damage and value depletion. If you own a home, estate or property anywhere in Reno, you owe it to yourself to ask: How can a tree service near me help?

Urban Woodland Tree Care

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You’ll be surprised at the answers

As a property owner myself, I’m always curious about how a professional service provider might assist me with chores around my business and home. If it’s a simple job – like changing a light bulb or painting a fence – I’d probably not bother with a professional.

But when it comes to the more intricate chores, like planting trees on your property, asking how a tree service near me can help isn’t such a tall ask. That’s because there are some aspects of arboriculture that are so essential – but many home or property owners don’t consider. That’s because they might not be aware of the value of those services.

  • Planting the right trees: Typically, you’ll get inspiration from movies, magazines or from friends and family living in Miami or New York about trees they have on their property. Some of those well-meaning souls might even be willing to send you a couple of seedlings to get you started. Resist the impulse of saying yes!


Instead, tell them politely: I’ll talk to a tree service near me and see what they have to say. You see, Reno is climatically different from Miami or New York, and chances are that those imported trees just won’t thrive here. Instead of disappointing your friends and family (when you tell them the trees didn’t survive through the first season!), why not consult with a professional and receive concrete tree planting advice?


  • Defending Your Property: You might ask “What’s that got to do with trees?”, or “How will a tree service near me help with that?”. Well, it so happens that many places across Reno are known for their high fire risk. Before a property owner starts planting trees, bushes or shrubs to enhance the properties value, he/she should carefully weigh the risk that such action might pose for the property and its structures.

A trained arborist, with years of tree and fire expertise, can do a fire assessment and help you understand the concept of Defensible Space. Such assessment will typically conclude with a risk-mitigation plan that’ll help protect your home or business from potential risks

  • Tree hazard analysis: Just because a tree “looks diseased”, does not mean it must be cut down. Consequently, even though a tree may look “healthy”, it can have internal or structural issues that make it a health and safety hazard.

If you want the peace of mind of knowing for sure that all your trees are in sound health and don’t pose a risk to people, property or the environment, go online and search “tree service near me”.  If you have location tracking on, your browser will quickly locate a professional Reno arborist who can conduct a tree hazard assessment for your property.

It’s worth it

Leaving tree-related matters unattended too long, or expediting unnecessary action can both have consequences – financial as well as incidental. Asking how a Reno tree service near me can help is well worth it.