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There can not be enough said about the value of planting trees. Small or big, trees bring enormous value to not only your landscape and property but to your health as well. At Urban Woodland Tree Care LLC., we believe it is our responsibility to inform our clients and provide expertise when it comes time to plant a tree. At first thought, planting a tree may seem like an easy task however, if not properly planned you could put your home at risk in the future. When it comes to establishing a young tree in your property there is also several factors to look at when looking to protect it against the wind and other natural factors. Overall the main goal when planting a tree is to find to right place, for the right tree.


Right Tree, Right Place

Proper tree selection begins with choosing trees that are compatible with our climate and that will fit the space where they will be planted. This is especially important in Northern Nevada. Choosing the right tree ensures the long term health and vigor of that tree and of our urban forest. There are many factors to consider when selecting the right tree for a particular place including: soil type, drainage, available space, location of above – and below ground utilities, mature height and spread, tree form, drought resistance, insect and disease resistance, as well as seasonal color. If you are interested to look and find the right tree for your landscape click here to view a full guide of trees that are recommended Link button by the Truckee Meadows Community Forestry Coalition.


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