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After a tree or shrub is removed the only thing left remaining is the stump. We generally recommend that stumps should be removed, but it is not necessary. A stump left in your yard may be risk for children playing who might be running too fast to notice the obstacle. It also can be a liability if someone visiting you trips over one of the roots. If the stump is too close to your driveway or street it may not be visible at night, and a visitor parking near it could bump it and damage their car.

Soil can also change around a stump. It may settle around the old roots and leave depressions in the ground. This can also be a hazard to anyone in your yard.

Even though a tree has been removed, it is possible that some new growth may come out of the stump. Grinding a stump is the only way to be sure that some trees will not start to grow back. Insect nests may also grow in stumps as the wood rots.

Urban Woodland Tree Care LLC is able to use the right equipment to gain access to almost all stumps that you may want removed. Like most places in Reno and Sparks, NV, the terrain can be steep and hilly. Powerful, safe, and efficient stump grinders with a skilled professional can turn your landscape into a worry free zone.


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