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Weight Reduction

This type of pruning is done by pruning off limbs back to either vertical or horizontal limbs at least 1/3 in diameter of the main branch itself. This changes the direction of which the branch will continue to grow as well as reducing the risk of limb failure if the branch shows signs of weakness.

Before and after tree trimming

Before and after tree trimming


Clearance Pruning

This type of trimming comes into mind when trimming away from homes, signs, driveways etc. On average we prune branches 3-5′ away from structures in order to keep the tree still looking natural and not “walled,” back to a certain predetermined area.

Maple tree trimming

Pruning a large maple tree

Shape Pruning

This method requires the Arborist to trim both the height of the crown and the spread of the crown to give the tree a healthy and symmetrical look.

Height Reduction vs. Pollarding

Both types of pruning are recommended mostly to be done in the dormant season or just at “bud break.” The main difference between the two is that “pollarding,’ consists of actually pruning the height of a branch to an internode, not to a branch 1/3 size in diameter compared to completing a “height reduction.”

Initial Training

This pruning is important to do while the tree is in its adolescent stage. It is important that competing branches are pruned back and a dominant branch is chosen to be the leader. This helps establish healthy branch structure and better shape.


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