Reno property owners take great pride in the appearance of their properties. A lot of time, effort and money goes into planting trees and developing other arboricultural features. But those trees can sometimes pose grave danger to life and property.  

Learn how a professional tree cutting service in Reno can help you protect your property.

Dealing with the elements

For residential and commercial property owners across Reno, but especially those located in the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI), dealing with the elements comes naturally. However, when you have unplanned tree growth on or around your property, the elements pose a heightened challenge to deal with. That’s because Reno’s climate – low humidity, high temperatures, lightning and often gusty winds – brews a perfect storm!

But a tree cutting service in Reno isn’t just a great ally to property owners in dealing with the elements. People – visitors and fellow residents – will also sometimes pose significant risk to tree-lined properties. That’s because even though fireworks are illegal in Reno and Washoe County, many individuals still indulge in that dangerous practice. Then, there’s illegal target shooting, careless smoking, unsafe grilling practices and improper camp fire safety.

And the combination of these two factors – climate and people – can sometimes make trees a huge liability rather than an asset to your property. We’re talking specifically about:

  • Trees illegally planted on or too close to your property line
  • Dead and decaying trees
  • Trees that are encroaching too close to key elements of infrastructure, like roof tops, power lines and communication towers

While these aspects of trees on your property are bad news, there’s also good news: By working with a professional tree cutting service in Reno, you not only can protect your property from the vagaries of climate and people, but you can also improve the ambiance and value of your property at the same time.

Defending your space

As communities sprawl outwards and move closer and closer into the WUI, a property’s defensible space grows in importance. So, what is defensible space? It’s an area around your home or business where vegetation – including trees – is proactively reduced and reshaped to diminish any fire and other safety threats.  And any experienced professional tree cutting service in Reno should be able to help you create a defensible space tailored for your property’s needs.

When it comes to tree-related threats, a qualified tree service professional will help you implement the three “R’s” that are central to defensible space. More specifically, they’ll:

  • Remove dead, dry and decaying trees and other vegetation from the property
  • Reduce the number of unnecessary trees – specifically those planted too close to the property
  • Replace highly flammable trees and vegetation with those that are more fire-resistant or which have fewer flammable qualities

Protecting your property through creating of appropriate defensible spaces is based on scientific calculations. You also need prior permission from the authorities to implement a defensible space strategy on public property abutting your own. When you work with a tree cutting service in Reno that has a lot of experience in creating defensible spaces for Reno property owners, they’ll be able to expertly guide you through the process.