Property owners in Reno NV, both commercial and residential, are fiercely proud of their green spaces. In fact, the Government’s Open Space and Greenways Plan, set to come to fruition by 2030, endorses that love for trees and natural habitat. But when disease and illness hit your trees, its best to seek the help of a seasoned Reno NV tree diagnosis service before things get worse.

A stitch in time

Just as its advisable for you to see a doctor immediately if that dull ache in your chest doesn’t fade away quickly, so too does it make good sense to consult a professional Reno NV tree diagnosis specialist when things aren’t right with your trees. The underlying idea is that seeking professional help as soon as possible, to diagnose and deal with tree disease, is often better than procrastination.

Why is that so?

  • Often, highly fatal tree diseases like stem disease (or Cankers) that are diagnosed earlier can be treated successfully without long-term impact to the tree
  • Reaching out immediately to a veteran Reno NV tree diagnosis expert to deal with potential issues with a single tree can sometimes lead to saving multiple trees on your property from the same disease
  • Delayed diagnosis and treatment can sometimes mean contagion to other green features – like bushes, shrubs and botanical elements, on the property.

And even though they might not destroy the entire tree, some diseases, like Needle Cast Disease, can cause lasting damage to foliage and growth prospect of the tree. Other diseases, like bacterial or fungi-based vascular and wilt diseases, can make trees so unattractive to look at that they might even impact your property value.

Prompt attention of a qualified Reno NV tree diagnosis specialist is your best hope of saving and even restoring diseased and ill trees back to health.

DIY can do you in!

If you see signs of decay, mildew, rot or wilting on or around your trees and greenspace, you might be tempted to try and troubleshoot the issue yourself, rather than seeking help from Reno NV tree diagnosis service provider. That could be a mistake…and here’s why!

  • Just like self-diagnosing your own medical condition isn’t advisable, trying to ascertain what’s ailing your trees can be dangerous
  • Some trees exhibit specific symptoms (that you might find on Google or YouTube), but the underlying root causes might be different – which DIY sites may not diagnose. Only a qualified Reno NV tree diagnosis professional knows the difference
  • Some tree diseases simulate symptoms – like drooping leaves – that can easily be mistaken as requiring a “simple fix” – more water. However, in most cases the “fix” might actually make the problem worse – root rot and over hydration!

While DIY measures might work for smaller potted plants and shrubs, Reno property owners with larger and more mature trees should be very careful about self-diagnosing tree aliments. When you see signs that something’s not quite right with your trees, you should immediately contact a Reno NV tree diagnosis professional for assistance.

Often, a stitch in time can save more than just the immediately impacted tree!

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